At Intercultural Competence Edge, we live our Social Responsibility.

To us, social responsibility means the obligation of an organization’s management towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates. Our ongoing effort in support of this mission not only benefits the organizations we work with, but constitutes an even greater purpose in our society. Every day we work, we propel our society into a more inclusive direction. In order to fulfill this value, we have chosen to help young, disadvantaged, Black men become productive individuals. We have partnered with Ujamaa Place to drive this mission forward.

Ujamaa Place is a non-profit organization focused on young African American men in Saint Paul (primarily between the ages of 18 and 30), many of whom suffer multiple barriers to becoming stable, productive members of the community. Intercultural Competence Edge Founder and CEO, Michael Carter, is the chair of the Black Advisory Council at Ujamaa Place.

Benefit Concert:

Intercultural Competence Edge, along with Ujamaa Place, is hosting a Benefit Concert at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. It will be taking place on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 7:00 PM; tickets are only $35! Come out to support the work of Ujamaa Place!

Order tickets by clicking here.

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